Touchless Disinfectant Antibacterial/Viral Cleaning

Coronavirus is the greatest threat we have faced in the 21st century. As key workers & staff unable to work from home and forced to attend work this is an enormous worry as each day they face the risk of infection just by going about their normal duties. As the UK hopefully starts to open up the economy again even more employers and employees will have to face this risk which is why until an anti virus vaccine is readily available hygiene cleaning and maintenance has and will become absolutely key to endeavour to ensure that people have a safe and secure work environment.


It is important to ensure a touch-less disinfection system is used to disinfect and decontaminate the area first before a traditional Deep Cleaning method. This will ensure less exposure to the Hygiene operator and the general public. The demand for this service is great and our company along with many others has to rise to this unprecedented challenge ahead to help keep people safe and secure as they try to revert back to some form of normality in their daily lives and just as important are able to maintain there standard of living as safely as possible

Touchpoint Disinfectant Cleaning

We have several customers currently that have asked our daily cleaning staff to revert to anti bacterial hygiene cleaning regime throughout the day ensuring all touch points eg; door handles, toilet facilities, desks & work surfaces & furnishings etc… are being cleaned and treated on a round robin basis so their staff have the safest hygienic work environment possible.