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Process Engineered Solutions

Our approach is to firstly observe and assess how the current services are currently being carried out. While we may be unable to observe the processes themselves we are able to gain valuable insight looking at the standards and discussing the approach with your management teams. With this study we are able to establish a guide as to the processes, timings, equipment, products and manpower required.

We look at what works and what needs to be changed. We then conduct a full analysis of the premises – the space, fabric, construction, utilisation, traffic, and accessibility to better understand the premises requirements, challenges and potential. This information is fed into our industry experienced model to create a new 'process mapped solution' – a blueprint for delivering the highest quality and most cost effective and efficient services for you.

Based on our proven process engineered solution, the new methodology contains standards for cleaning, directives, timings, frequencies and a checklist to meet quality requirements.

Process Engineering Process Engineering Process Engineering

The solution contains bespoke workflows formulated to show the most efficient route for each operative to work through your premises. We detail the time to complete each task with visual instruction on workflow, method, materials and equipment to use.

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